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picture how do you think it turned out i think it turned out to be a pretty good movie i would like to do. when we return to star wars in indiana jones j.j. abrams doing star wars that is is a would be logical so you work together that he would run to you there's no logic to show this. plus i'm still waiting for the larry king story you can for me. that's all the next on larry king now. there is an incredible film now playing wide as they say its title is forty two steve credible story of jackie robinson i have that stole the virtues of this movie to everyone i meet i've given quotes to everyone i talk to i've done radio interviews about this well i feel i'm
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a part of this movie since i knew jackie robinson i was at his first game but to take it back a little bit we met in an airport and was vegas harrison ford and he said i just finished a movie called forty two a play branch rickey this is kid and it playing jackie robinson i think is a pretty good movie how do you think it turned out. i think it turned out to be a pretty good movie i wouldn't lie to you did you realize that this was. what it was his star it. yeah you know i knew that it that there was an aspect to this to this story that was beyond the typical and that it was something very important about america about our culture. and about bringing a story that. you were to a new generation that perhaps didn't know the dealing the the details of it but hadn't had the visceral experience. that that this film is you know the
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thing i always guard against when i'm. talking about people i'm working with about a script is that. it is there's a thing i don't like and it's called talk stories when you're talking about the story the characters are tasked with talking about the story instead of allowing the audience to experience the story and that's what i think is really great about this movie is that young people. who weren't there well have a chance to have of the visceral experience of what jackie robinson went through. and you know long career i think i've seen all year for unbelievable play that has startled think that you know not knowing that anyone would be frail you're with how do you familiarize yourself with branch rickey i. you know i don't know you do you
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know brazilians really great book on branch rickey absolutely and and branch rickey himself wrote quite a lot there's. there's some filming. in scope from not a lot television not a lot and the the one thing the one thing that was probably most telling of all was his appearance on what's my line which was you know he didn't. he was on what's my line and he was that and that was very useful to me because it had him both it had him in a social situation every other. bit of film that i had. was him making a speech is it hard. to not to capture someone who was a living person and not not play him as a character and it's hard to be in that you know yeah i know exactly what you mean
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but but. what i found was an emotional consistency with the words the scenes the situations. i wasn't mimicking what i thought branch rickey's emotional reality would have been because i was although i shaved my hairline back and dyed my hair and wore a little powder a little paint a fat suit and i and i changed my my voice but the emotions were consistent with with what. what the point of the scene was you know i got this role. well i did leave fifty thousand dollars in around marked up a park bench in beverly hills but that may not have been the. look i i you know i got it applied for. it's not something i. have done
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a lot of but. i came across a script. and i read it and us said. i really want to do this and when i had my agent call they said. you know is this not what they're looking for so. ok and i let it go for a while and then it just kept nodding at me so i kept pushing you have only one kind of new or nomination in this lonely distinguished career if a witness right yeah you're going to get another i predict for this one unless something strange goes along you know a shot at winning he did an incredible job in a movie whose flavor i know they call it the flavor of the tongue the fun of the movie what about this kid playing robinson he's
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a remarkable actor and he's a remarkable person in that you know he was not a baseball player he. with .
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the feature. that chris. is going to give you. and we're going to break.
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through the. technology. people aren't going to like this they're going to do anything to get you to react. echo a curse with a curse and dull here only yours follow a blow with a blow and they'll say the negro lost his temper your enemy you will be out in force and you cannot meet him on its own low ground we will with heavy rock feel only that we win if the world is convinced of two things that you are a fine gentleman and a great baseball player we are a dodger stadium is star dodgers stadium fifty years old dodger stadium in a revamped august a blot in the work saluting the movie forty two which. normally don't extolled
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thing is brought to us of this is a great movie with a great film great stars and harrison ford is brilliant our everybody wants to know star wars coming back. is it. i know star wars come back out are. going to be involved. why would you not and you not be involved there are circumstances beyond mine. and. my ability to imagine. i just i can only say that i'm not sure yet. if you like this script and if they came to you would you be interested. yes yes why i did that worked. it worked because it was based. on. a bit of a. story that there's basically a fairy tale it's the you know it's the it's the it's the primordial characters
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it's the. princess and the and the callow youth and then the smart ass that i play with the wise old warrior the alec guinness play and it was a fairy tale it was a fairy tale do you think it would become what it became well. when we were making it the none of the effects were. so the i want the first time i thought it was you know. they were surrounded by english crew members that were could hardly keep their selves ok. here comes the guys in the in the dogs. it was like they made fun of us which was ok but the first time i was sitting in a theater and i saw forty. of your facts and then the big ship flew over the audience
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and the sound rumbled. i pretty much we were we're close to home j.j. abrams. who do it to you in regarding had me which of those two of you wrote it michael nichols director doesn't it was yeah it was jay jay's first script he was about twenty two years old and he's doing star wars so what i mean logic goes you work together but he would run to you. there's no logic in show business like. you know i know there is a we we've spoken i think you've got to be at it if you're a bigger would be a mistake not to have you with it. is there's a report spielberg is considering a fifth indiana jones is that true. you put me back in the same box. i can't i can't say this. i why did that work it was everything movies are so you know are supposed to be it was
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it was a hoot was it was great filmmaking was a hoot to do oh yeah yeah to be in wild places and while ben's and crazy animals and whips yeah i've you know i enjoyed that it was a very physical movie which i. enjoy and i am and stephen and i had a great time working together so it was altogether a pleasure i'm a blade runner. i'm against equal to that i mean you're going to be errors in sequel ford yeah i'm still waiting for the larry king story. to tell me. is there a chance of that to really start said he's going to do it yeah yeah i. you know we're we're we're talking about. do you have you have a couple movies coming yeah i had i did three last year i did this and i did
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a movie called paranoia. which is a thriller and i did a movie called ender's game which is based on the book women on the book by. or in scott card. which is a. movie set in the future you never stop working to. i try not to i mean i don't know work as much as i used to but i still love the work and. want to work given general your gratitude well i've turned out a lot of roles that were not to be successful but i don't think over regret or that the only reason i would turn down a role. was either i felt it wasn't. the movie was going to be good or i didn't think i'd get along with the people involved or. i didn't. i
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didn't feel the fear i didn't feel it i didn't feel emotional real so you never have to say but. oh no you know i haven't really the movie is forty two the movie is out of sight it's a great it's not just a great baseball movie it's a great movie it's a civil rights movie every child should see this from the right that. it's impossible to navigate the economy with all the details such as tics and misinformation and media hype keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream. status if in your right.
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let me let me i want to let me ask you a question. here on this network is what we're having a debate we have our knives out. before you decide to spank staying there to get here and being free to talk about the surveillance. branch of her own or or. branch of we know each other. twenty years maybe more. now i'm afraid that we're not be able to take the field against your team of the boys in uniform. why is it herb. members jackie robinson
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by the way yeah branch i understand he's got a name but we're just not ready for that sort of thing here in philadelphia or what you do with your team is it is your decision herb but my team's going to be in philadelphia tomorrow with problems and if we have to claim the game as a forfeit so be it that's nine to zero case you forgot you know a branch you've had a hell of a hair across your ass over this for a long time and i'd like to know what it is you think you're trying to prove you think god likes baseball herb where are tells us both a man and me someday you're going to meet god and when he inquired says why you didn't take the field against robinson in philadelphia and you answer that it's because he was a negro it may not be sufficient reply back with harrison for the film was forty two you were in the white house. last night night before last year and they like it. the first lady and the president were very.
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spoke very kindly about it it was it was a real pleasure we we had an event in the morning with. jackie robinson's widow rachel great day and it was for the first lady hosted a member there are a bunch of. recipients of the jackie robinson scholarship fund which supports kids. for four years through their educational experience provides them with mentors enquires them to do. community service. and fabulous. bunch of kids from all over the country and the first lady was very gracious about the film she went so far this to say that she hoped that every american everyone in this country. would see see
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it felt i would agree completely did you watch it with her she had she and her husband saw it on the can before we got there. which was. they said that they saw it alone because the kids. weren't around for that for that meeting that evening and they watch it together and the president was also very gracious. if you like watching yourself. i mean it's it's part of my job is to watch myself and i watch you know i see dailies or video playback you know. and a. i make adjustments according to what i see besides which whatever direction lucky enough or or not to receive. i use it for self or just you know you delivered one of the great lines is i think
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it's in the top ten lines in motion picture history which was get off of my plane on air force one still saying. you're in the upcoming anchorman with will ferrell. doing that what are you going to play. a legendary eggplant i love doing comedy and some of this is a different kind of comedy you know the anchorman i mean different times and he's out of it is that he's not. so yeah it was great fun are you bothered a lot by paparazzi and tabloids and doesn't annoy you. change so much noise me when you know that if i'm working on a film. you know they know what hotel i'm staying in where i'm going to be
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and they show up there then that's that's expected if i'm down in brazil and i'm out there with my family. and i walk out the door and they start following us for. for the rest of the day it kind of tends to piss me into wonder why they do that or what's yes of course and why they would be that it's a job that there is money involved and then people pay to see those pictures they sell them that's that's their job. as the level of scrutiny changes it worse now. you know but but there's a there's a family involved and it was you in a family where both of you have high profiles i mean your wife is yellow it's all her fault. as a player why did you get so fed was that you have the well i mean. do you get it you have a good in the in the baldwin move the alec baldwin media feel i take it or what i
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know i have been there in the past and i have seen it. absolutely no profit. doesn't work they just don't pay oh well i mean they get they get the the most they get the they get that shot which they get more money for than anybody. you know which is you thread it's right so it's a really good story sinatra was once years ago he's married to a young girl and they're out on a boat and a photographer took a boat went out to pictures the boat he got the name of the photographer and had the photographer followed for two we display team of photographers taking pictures of him until it's getting even. worked frank was that way. the movie is forty two the stars harrison ford back of our remaining moments after this .
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well. technology innovation all the developments from around russia. the future covered. i was passing a sandlot little white boy back you know already used to. sit on a fastball he was pretending he was here. because she do this to ricky.
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had a victory over fascism in germany no why. but you. are the face. of my whole life. forty one years ago i was a player coach in ohio always thinking percy. had a negro catch best hitter on the team. so he laid low. broke because of the color of his skin and i didn't do enough to hold myself. or something unfair. at the hearth. and i had no. time came when i could no. i guess harrison ford forty two is now playing why did is a great film and he is great and it's your dad became advocate of conservation international
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is the obama administration doing enough in the area of the environment. they're doing. what they can. tell you with that you know the biggest issue now is. funding of course. and the funding for international conservation has not been as. as fulsome as it as needs to be. but there is a response to an understanding now. that hadn't. been there before which is an idea that conservation international has been advancing which is that there is a direct link between international conservation failures and the united states national security issues and economic issues so.
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you know that which means that. if there is a failure of. nature to be able to graded nature to be able to sustain a population. they move when they move there's the opportunity for political radicalization and also the pressure on the place that they move and it and it. it unbalances weak governments they say and then we end up going in there and and spending more money than we could have put in to prevent it from happening in the first place he does the amazing things he ate in rescue missions and while we need pilots is on how it's up the flies his own plane hours and for this is a credible person we have some social media questions for you d.j. wattle and on twitter wants to know which of your films is your favorite they don't have any favorites i got five kids that are a favorite kid or are favored film i don't have
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a favorite airplane favorites all star whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. the money face provides you know do you feel you've accomplished all that you want to accomplish you know now. i would play a game cause if you only knew i had some good questions it was as a you not on trial you don't have to answer yeah first person you just sit at my mother no no no i mean if you just said i could answer anyway i was not on trial what scares you the most not doing as well as i should. you have any weird habits in the business. really good this is all i'd bet anything as the last page. you have a role model. no i don't have a role model irl lot of people who. influential in my life so storks on all of those things you'd like to change about yourself and then yeah i
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like to be. younger. and better looking favorite hobby. it's it's not a hobby anymore it's a vocation that's flying in flight on plane. you're not. going to fool for it to start out no no i started flying a little airplanes in going through the normal things and. worked up through ratings and complications of earth but i do fly. and i fight since i have eight but by the way plane. and to my conservation friends who ask about the planes i always say one flight one time. the the no i met you as fine a citation. never come close to
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by innit. buying it you know. they're all paid for and that's what you know no i mean. no no. you're a delight they were and this is a great performance it's great to have a good thank you harrison ford as branch rickey in forty two a film will never forget that you'll never forget his performance.
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if you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so many i mean. i know that i'm sitting in the same place really nice. in there all very so personally apologize and. worse for the little. white house or for the. radio guy in fort lauderdale minestrone that i want to close for a particular good you've never seen anything like this i'm told. the guy is welcome to break into that fat cat bankers who made headlines again for all the wrong reasons again see.


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